Halloween Treat for Our Zero Hour! fans

Since it’s our favorite time of year (Halloween!), and I don’t feel like sharing the Milky Ways, please check out this Web exclusive for our loyal Episodes from the Zero Hour! fans.

Last month, Jay’s ultra-short story, The Robbers, was selected as one of the featured scary stories read at the Asbury Park CityArts festival (hosted by the Arts Coalition of Asbury Park — www.artscap.org).  We asked Zero Hour! Volume 4 artist Dirk Shearer to take a break from his busy schedule and whip up a spot illustration and the result was just plain awesome.

Click on the image above, or the link below, to open “The Robbers” in printable Adobe .pdf format.  And look for more of Dirk’s artwork in our weird stories anthology, Episodes from the Zero Hour! Volume 4!

Zero Hour! Exclusive — The Robbers, 10-31-10

Story © Jason Butkowski, and artwork © Dirk Shearer, 2010.  All rights reserved.