Sit back and get comfortable. The tales you are about to read are from an era when imagination was paramount and serialized fiction kept people of all ages suspended in disbelief. It was a time of brilliantly-rendered prose and artwork from those that would later be known as “Masters” of their craft. They are from a time of righteous heroes, dangerous villains, fierce monsters, and the battle of good versus evil, fought across the globe. But above all else they are from a time of unparalleled adventure. These are…THE EPISODES FROM THE ZERO HOUR!

Tough Guy for Hire Lobbycard

Episodes from the Zero Hour! is one of the leading voices in independently-produced modern pulp active in the marketplace today.  Boasting some of the top artistic and literary talent, the publishing house is responsible for producing creative, original content that stays true to the feel of the pulp serials of yesteryear, while injecting a 21st century edge.  Whatever the genre, whatever the subject matter, Episodes from the Zero Hour! remains committed to telling the best stories they can, packaged in beautifully-illustrated, painstakingly-designed volumes.

Launched in 2004, Episodes from the Zero Hour! is the brainchild of Lead Designer/Author Anthony Schiavino and Author/Managing Editor Jason Butkowski.  Original Zero Hour! properties include Knuckles: Tough Guy for Hire, Federal City Nocturne, A Father Michael Ryan Story, Rex Rockwell: Weird Game Hunter, and Mac Samson and the Secrets of the Lost City.

At the core of the Zero Hour! philosophy is the reader.  As long as readers enjoy a good story, Schiavino and Butkowski will continue pushing modern pulp to the cutting edge of its potential, and beyond!