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Praise for Tough Guy for Hire

“Man, I love these ‘KNUCKLES’ McNichols stories! Jason Butkowski has created a true down and out original pulp character that is easy to cotton to. The stories bounce between down and out dirty street life, ala classic Noir, to humorous anecdotes that resonate with true street savvy. This is an amazing collection and if you really like pulp, you are going to love ‘KNUCKLES’. All I can say, Butkowski, is more, please. Lots more!” —RON FORTIER Author of THE HOUNDS OF HELL, and CAPTAIN HAZZARD-PYTHON MEN OF THE LOST

“‘KNUCKLES’ will dazzle you with some humorous fancy footwork; put you on the canvas with a one-two combo of characters that are tough as nails but as human as you or me; and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, deliver a couple delicious sucker punches. ‘KNUCKLES’ is a knockout!”—SEAN ELLIS, Author of MAGIC MIRROR

“In a town where life slips you a mickey and opportunity is best found at the end of a gun, Tommy ‘KNUCKLES’ McNichols delivers a sense of gritty, two-fisted common sense to the mean streets of Federal City. This is PULP NOIR at its BEST! Butkowski has created a world to rival Miller’s Sin City and a character that would be right at home downing a fifth of Jack with Spillane.” —WAYNE SKIVER Author of THE PROF. STONE ADVENTURES

“Finally! Pulp the way Pulp is supposed to be!” —STEVE NILES Writer and Creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT

“‘KNUCKLES’ McNichols, the hero of this quartet of hardboiled fare, is as captivating a character to come out of the genre in a long time. This off-beat, memorable muscle for hire is down on his luck, up on life and ready to mix it up with any and all challengers. The stories, as well, are different than the norm though they keep that traditional flavor any hardboiled fans know so well. So if you’re a fan of hardboiled fiction, this one’s for you. Don’t miss it. Or Butkowski will sick KNUCKLES on you. Then, brother, you’ll be in a world of hurt.” —ANDREW SALMON, Author of THE FORTY CLUB, and THE DARK LAND

Praise for TEN COUNT:

“Anthony Schiavino and company have managed to transcend their limited resources to craft a compelling little slice of noir. Fun dialog, moody atmosphere, the perfect music, and a willingness to let scenes breathe contribute to the film’s effectiveness. I want to see more.” —ROBERT TINNELL Co-Author of THE BLACK FOREST, and TERRY SHARP on TEN COUNT



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